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Working With Me

Providing a positive and enjoyable experience important to me. Your project is as personal to me as it is to you and our mutual enthusiasm is key to a great outcome. Please speak up if you have questions or concerns regarding any aspect of your landscape project. I endeavour to be available and accountable.

Not all projects or landscaping budgets are huge — I understand that. I also believe that no space is too small to be beautiful. No matter the size or requirements of your project, you can expect the same conscientious, personalized service.

Client Satisfaction

  • Start on the day that we tell you (weather permitting)
  • Clean up every evening
  • Keep you informed of progress
  • Have polite, uniformed staff
  • Keep to our price
  • Customized service for your garden
  • Keep track of what your garden needs
  • Member of Landscape Ontario
  • Your warranty is with us — if there is a problem, we will fix it

Ecological Efforts

  • We try to reuse materials existing on-site where possible and practical
  • We deal with reputable waste disposal/soil recycling companies
  • We recycle all plastic plant pots
  • We incorporate low-maintenance and drought-tolerant plantings where possible to reflect the time constraints and sustainability concerns of our clients
  • Soil amendment is key to sustainability; we work hard improve your soil.
  • Active pollinator support activities



  • We carry liability insurance
  • We are WSIB compliant
  • All employees must attend ongoing safety training
  • Employees use Personal Protective Equipment
  • Landscape Industry Certified

Chaz Morenz


I certainly began life in the garden, toddling along behind my grandfather whose idea of gardening was way ahead of his time, or perhaps just really really old-fashioned. We composted, and mulched, and watered deeply, and didn’t turn soil unnecessarily, and had a wonderful garden full of flowers and vegetables. I learned the quiet joy of nurturing plants and the beauty of nature. This continued with the huge gardens that my farther planted at each of his homes as he traveled through life, and, finally to my own first home and garden. That all seems many years ago and was a great hobby and interest.

In a detour from gardening and landscaping, I ended up at IBM for 12 years in the research lab writing and testing software. At IBM I was exposed to business processes, and managing schedules and budgets, and learned to dislike the inefficiencies of huge corporations. After raising my children, I looked for a second career that would use my organizational skills, and also get me away from a desk. All my gardening background came back to me and I started studying in earnest to be a really professional landscaper. I studied residential landscape design and horticulture at Humber College. Shortly afterward, Gardens in the City inc. started taking on clients both for new landscape design, and garden maintenance. Now, my focus is on helping home owners lean to create and care for their own gardens. My enthusiasm for landscaping continues to grow.

Gardens in the City is a proud member of Landscape Ontario. I continue to expand my knowledge of the industry by taking landscape and business courses, volunteering at Canada Blooms and involving myself with other Landscape Ontario efforts. I have recently completed the course work and exams to earn my CLP – Certified Landscape Professional from CNLA (Canadian National Landscape Association).