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Looking for a consultation?

If you just need some advice, and don’t need a full design, perhaps a one hour consult meets your needs.  Let’s meet at a good time for you to answer questions and give you advice.  Usually we have the experience to answer your questions on the spot. If you ask something that we just don’t know, we’ll get all excited about the opportunity to learn something new, and get back to you.

Some ideas for the best way to use an hour of consulting in your garden:

  • pruning clinic to learn the basics of pruning
  • explore possible plant choices for different areas of your garden
  • learn more about how to go about soil conditioning
  • identify the plants that a previous home owner left in your garden
  • identify pests and learn control methods
  • get advice on maintaining plant health

Based on a one-hour minimum, these consultations allow the homeowner to tackle garden projects on their own with confidence.