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Designing a beautiful garden is a rewarding process. During this process, we consider numerous essential components in order to craft a design well suited to each particular client’s taste, lifestyle and budget. We take into account the style of architecture, use of space, sightlines to and from the house, focal points and flow of foot traffic, as well as physical properties such as existing features to remain, microclimates, types of soil, drainage and the amount of light the space receives.



There are several stages along the way to a final design.

  • Consultation:  We meet to discuss your property and provide a quote for design. At this meeting we will gather input from you regarding your needs, budget and tastes. 
  • Base Plan: We take measurements, photos and locate existing features to create a map of your property.
  • Concept Plan: We research options in layout, hard materials and plants, in order to create an initial design of your garden and provide a selection of choices.
  • Implementation: Now that you have a plan, we can take care of building it for you.

Please note: Our best time for garden design is in the depth of winter, so contact us in the fall to get started.