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Planting Services

Now that you have a garden plan, lets get it installed. Gardens in the City can handle it all for you – sourcing, delivering, soil preparation, planting, mulching and finally warranting your plants.  We can find you any size plant that you need, from trays of tiny groundcover cuttings to trees in wire baskets.

Sourcing and Delivery

We deal with several wholesale nurseries to source your plants. We will inspect each plant that we purchase on your behalf to make sure that it is healthy. Then we will care for it as it travels from the nursery to our yard and finally to your property. This professional care during its transition makes all the difference to ensure your garden’s success.

Soil Preparation

Soil is a living medium, and needs proper care to keep it healthy too. Without healthy soil it is impossible to have a healthy garden. As part of any planting service we assess your soil and make recommendations on the best methods for ridding your beds of weeds and amending the soil before planting.


No kidding – this is the fun part. Of course we’ll be happy to install the plants that we bring you.  We have the skill to properly handle plants and install them so that their roots will grow out into the surrounding soil and support the plant in the long term.


Mulch is any material that is used to cover the soil and is all about soil health.  It protects from unwanted sunlight sterilization, helps retain moisture, helps moderate temperatures, suppresses weeds that germinate and slowly breaks down to replenish the soil. In most situations we do recommend mulching, but we’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons for your particular garden situation.


We warrant the plants that we supply and install for 1 year. The warranty is with Gardens in the City, not our suppliers. That means that if there is a problem, you just give us a call and it gets fixed as soon as the seasons will allow it.  We want your garden to be a success!

Watching it grow

That’s your job.