I need to know a few things

Tell me the size of your planters and the colour scheme you would like. Any other criteria? For instance, this is a 36" round planter with a variety of greens and colourful natural accents arranged symmetrically.

Does your space have a challenge?

We built this planter to fill up a tall space under an overhang. It uses lots of white and natural accents, which is multicultural outside a condo lobby.

Short space?

This planter needed to be short. Do you need a house number left visible? This is very Christmassy with silver and red.

Here are some more examples

Once you tell me what you like, and we set a budget, I'll do my best to meet your needs. I am only limited by what I can actually source for your planter. Things do sell out. Usually white, red, silver and natural are not problem. Pink, Purple, Blue may be a challenge. I love a challenge!


We will set a budget before we begin, based upon what you want and the size of your planter. A pair of 14" square planters will cost approximately $350-$450 depending upon fullness and accent choices. I have a $300 minimum per site. Note: You provide the planter.

Work Area

I work only in Mississauga and Toronto.


I will work until the soil in your planter is frozen (usually around Dec 1). Please don't delay as there is a lead time to come to an agreement, get materials and get to your place.

More About Me?

I'm Chaz. My business is Gardens in the City Inc.. I offer Garden Design, Garden Coaching, Plant Sourcing, and Planter Installations. Here is my main website.

Say Hello.

Let's have a chat to get your project going. I'm old school, you can simply call me.
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